“When Johny speaks people listen, because he speaks from the heart.”

He always has an insightful contribution to make and is one of the few people I know (of any age) who is willing to challenge the status quo if thats that it takes to generate new possibilities for the group or organisation he’s working with.

He brings with him a valuable skill set based on his experiences setting up the SAVE project, supporting young people to stand as local government candidates as well as a wide variety of youth advocacy and consultation roles.


Billy Matheson
Principal Advisor of Social Entrepreneurship at Auckland Council

“Johny has remarkable people skills.”

Although many of his beliefs were contrary to those of the students and tutors on Miomo – Johny showed a keen interest in other’s opinions and he respected their personal beliefs. He stimulated robust conversations amongst the group while adding his own observations and ideas with thoughtfulness. His understanding of youth engagement has led me to contract Johny to work on MIOMO programs and assist me in the growth and development of MIOMO as a whole. I believe that Johny’s input will be invaluable to the continued improvement and quality of Miomo’s content. Johny also spoke at our recent Leadership event. He was articulate, thought provoking and inspiring.

On a personal note, Johny is a delight to be around. He is a young man of passion and integrity who has a huge future in contributing to the positive welfare of NZ and it’s people.


Yvonne Godfrey
FOunder & Executive director at miomo

“His credentials speak for themselves.”

He is an inspirational young leader and sets an incredible example not only people of his age, but all people wanting to be more socially and environmentally conscious. He is at the forefront of new technologies in the business world, with a deep understanding of SEO, Social Media and all things online. I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring Johny for almost any role as his ability to adapt and learn quickly is second to noneQuote Source

michael bird
Owner of Social Garden

“Johny O’Donnell is one of those remarkable young men whom others speak about with awe and amazement.”

He models the behaviour of focused determination, positivity and self confidence. He has channelled these attributes into admirable cause and enterprise.

I am impressed with his ability to hold an audience of distinguished guests and peers captive with his eloquence, intense sense of purpose and passion for the actualisation of the goal he has set for the future of all New Zealanders.

The National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges have benefited from Johny’s knowledge of youth engagement after having him train our Children and Youth Advocates in effectively engaging with young people and contracting him to establish and run a Youth Advisory Panel to contribute to the development of the new youth section of our website.

As an organisation we have greatly benefited from our investment in authentic youth engagement through Johny’s services with staff feeling more encouraged and confident about working with youth and our website now catering to younger visitors in an effective way.

Heather Henare
CEO AT Skylight trust

“Johny O’Donnell was an outstanding young presenter!”

Watching him speak his indigenous language as he opened, instantly caught my attention and made his allegiance to his people and his land indelibly clear.

To see such a young activist with the ability to galvanize other young people to do such positive and life-changing works was truly awe-inspiring for me.

Johny’s personality was radiant and I will never,
forget him and his life’s work. I appreciate his place in this world!

Author OF Beating Black Kids America

“I’ve known Johny since he was 16 and was immediately impressed.”

It was rare to see the level of clarity and commitment in such a young man – and as he adds the years those qualities are only enhanced. He’s a clear incisive thinker, an awesome goal-setter, a proactive business person, generous with his time and has a huge commitment to the community and the people in his world.


Robyn Pearce

“Johny has the enthusiasm of a new business owner, the wisdom of a seasoned entrepreneur, the forward thinking of a CEO, and the respect of a doctor - what an asset to ShiftOn! “

Since meeting Johny and working with on a number of projects across a range of roles, I have been inspired further myself and help businesses develop a business strategy for the digital age. Johny shows passion and compassion, and keeps his customers at the heart of all of his business decisions. Johny's drive to further himself and, as a result empower his business partners, is a evident to his invaluable presence in any organisation he works with.


Dave Moloney
Owner of Let the Secret Out

I recently attended a day-long Online Marketing workshop with Johny.

“He is totally inspired about this work and presents with warmth and enthusiasm, and with enormous generosity of spirit.”

He is very very knowledgeable in this area and his seminar was 100% worthwhile!


Katerina Seligman

I attended Johny's OnMarketing workshop and came away completely buzzing with the possibilities and wealth of information that he shared with the group.

“He is an excellent facilitator who runs a swift moving and interactive, accessible style format.”

Not only did we have detailed notes but action steps to take home, and the confidence to bite into digital marketing and embrace not only techno tools but an empowered mindset to take control in our businesses and make improvements regardless of the scale.


Kylie Taikato-Jones
Real Estate Agent

I have worked with Johny for the last 4 months and have gained immeasurably from his insights, depth of knowledge, guidance and practical advice on the mechanics of launching and developing a digital business.

“He has genuine mastery of his subject matter and the personal skills to deliver his message in an inspiring and compelling way.”

After each group call, 1-2-1 session or webinar, I've found myself energised, brimming with ideas and having the specific and detailed information I need to progress with purpose. I think Johny is an exceptional character who possesses the acumen, personable nature and business know-how to bring about radical and positive transformations in the business world. I back him 100%.

Nash Billimora
Consultant & Trainer

“Johny has always impressed me.

He has an amazing skill set and abilities which he uses to better our communities.”

Johny is naturally humble, this assists him in being extremely approachable and likeable. I would happily endorse him for any role he pursues in the future. He takes with him into any role not only his experience but a vast community that supports him.


Josh Briggs
Hutt City Councillor

Today I attended one of Johny's seminars on improving the online profile of my business. I love Johny's style - he is warm, positive and knowledgable.

“He makes the seemingly insurmountable, (for those of us who are total luddites) accessible.”

Johny's style and approach inspired me to go home and start implementing ideas straight away, and his pragmatic solutions helped me to see how I could leverage what I have already. Go Johny!! - you are awesome at what you do. I can't wait to work with you again.


Robyn Mcleod
Director at Leap NZ

“Johny has remarkable leadership skills.”

He can crystallise issues and inspire others in order to get things done. He is a good organiser and can think through the stages and details of campaigns.

Maryan Street
Former Labour MP

“Johny is an exceptionally switched on guy who brings a youthful insight to all he puts his mind to.”

Johny volunteered his time to Miomo after being a student himself. His work was always thoroughly appreciated because he is such an advocate for closing the communication gaps between generations. Johny is wise beyond his years and has surrounded himself with the "right" people over the last few years, which really reflects in the way he conducts himself. Johny has excellent understanding of political topics and is always firm on his beliefs yet always leaves his mind open to the views of others. Johny O'Donnell in my opinion is a fantastic leader and will go on to do great things for his generation.


Anna Godfrey
Owner of Spectra Online

“Johny is very charismatic and intelligent Individual who uses his exceptional leadership abilities to encourage and inspire those around him.”

He has built great client relationships with customers and whilst being a consistent being a high performer he uses his innovative ideas to improve all areas of our business. On a personal level he is a great person to work with who you can learn a lot from being around.


Joel Henehan
Account Manager at Idea 11

“Johny is undoubtedly one of Generation Y's up and coming leaders.”

Johny is very intellectual with excellent communication skills and an ability to perform at at a exceptionally high standard. His achievements for his age speak for themselves - watch out for him!


Matthew Clayton
CDO at Meaningful